Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome Back....

Dear Fellas,

It's been so many years... hehe.. Months perhaps... I have been chosen to live in 'Silent Mode'...yet listen, see and do not appeared your self. By prefer to be that hoping so bad it can heal and break the rule of my life... hehe.. But.. you know what fellas... I CAN'T!!!

Enough for six months being no words from my self... Just sharing with my manually Diary. Totally INSAF dah... Taubat tuh... Hehehe... Updating also got taubat hah? Also what.. hahaha....

Yeah!!! Come back version ok...

There are so many story that I wanna share with you dearies... but enough for now that I'm telling you that


I'm back because I found this flayers everywhere and seem like I know this cutie mutty face.. Isn't it my face?


Call me Flynn Rider.. or.. eh jap! Sejak bila Flynn Rider pakai tudung Pink???


ummu said...

assalam reen
hu hu,lawak hujung minggu
ops Kedah mesti kerja kan..

Azreen said...

wasalam Kak,

aah. Ni pon up date time lunch..
Kak Long.. eagerly looking for Kak Huda's Big Day this coming Mac... I prepare some goodies for you guyz....

Well never expecting Ferrari, Gucci, or something else that I also can't have it. Wonder hah???

Just wait n see..

Salam Sayang buat family akak.. Miss U Kak...

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