Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To Khairudin Sakury

Din... Tahniah dapat pekerjaan yg ko idam2 kan... x macam aku ni... walaupn dapat company environment, xp aku langsung x dpt aplikasikan apa yg kite blaja dlu... xp tak pa la....

I can learned something new! xp apa yang pasti hidup ini adalah satu proses pembelajaran berpanjangan... Lifelong learning..

Nothing in this world that we can get without we have to learned how to manage that kind of knowledge.. Even to eat also we need to learn how to make the food came into our mouth and digest it.. That's we faced when we were infant before... Yes! we do.. huhu... So, don stop learning my fren... Well, U know ur ability and ur strength. don't waste it... Good Luck to you..