Monday, October 5, 2009

M I 2 Old 4 my Age??? Or.. 2 FAT????

What did u felt when u go to a butique to find a nice dress for HARI RAYA, then the sales 'man' said like this. PLEASE DO PAY ATTAINTION FOR THIS BELOW SITUATION!

Sales'man": yes? what dress that u looking 4?
D 'unlucky' gul: Hmmm... I'm looking for a modern 'baju kurung' one. Have u?
Sales'man': yea... at this area.
The sales 'man' take me to an area that full and have variety colourfull choises of baju kurung..
Sales 'man': The size?
D 'unlucky' gul: 42 pleaze... (With brighter smile)
After the gul found the 'menarik one, she hang and try that dress at her body.
Sales 'man': (With his poker face) U wanna buy for ur DAUGHTER?
D 'unlucky' gul: No! of course it's for me. ( WTH???)
Then with 'Hati yang bengkak n bengang', the gul said,
"It's ok la. I've change my mind. I don wanna buy this dress. That not suitable for me at all"
Then she step away, and never look back to that butique. That the horror night for that gul.
Pity her....