Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Local??? Abroad???

Alhamdulillah.. for everything that happended in my life and till this position. Compared to others, lucky for me to have a permenant job with good healthy. But I don't know why. I'm feelin lost in my career and life. Seem like missing of something or else what can I say is I'm not satisfied yet for this level. I need more... More knowledge, more exposure, more experience, more debate to exchange ideas and more career enhancement. This is not like me at all. Facing with annoying people, makes me suffer every minutes.. every seconds.. Am not qualified yet to fit with environmental field???

Probrably right!!! So, like people said, " Orang tidak dipandang dengan hartanya, tetapi dengan Ilmunya". Well, maybe I have to improve + enhance my knowledge on what I'm dream off before. Well Azreen, U have to set your Goal. Even I know, Demam Bola is over now but not for my 'Goal"

Ok now set your Goal Azreen.

Goal: Master in Air Quality @ Environmental Management @ Environmental Technology

University: a) Local : USM @ UTM @ UITM Shah Alam
                b) Abroad : Cardiff, Exeter, Some U in UK.

Target Year: 2011.. ok la... 2012 pon bleh gak. But that's the limit ok.

So fella. Need your help in gathering the information about my goal. I need emails, website and many more that can help me to make my dream come true. Please my dear.. especially in finacial part. Keenly looking for your advice in comments... Thanks again fellaz.. Love all of U.. Mmmmuaahh!!!


:dominasituasi: said...

apsal xde UM..kalau ada i bole tolong..=)

Azreen said...

UM??? Boleh!!! Suke sgt. xp I layak ke???

:dominasituasi: said...

belum cuba belum tau syg..

Azreen said...

U wat full time ke dear???

Anonymous said...

master air quality = xleh cari makan, envi management/envi tech to wide... why not focus to enhance method of waste coll/ if want to further master degree.. go for USM, personally, i can "adjust" with lecturer.. - sarap

Azreen said...

err.. en sarap ke ni.. thanks for the advise. What do u mean by 'adjust'? currently I'm try to narrowing my scope of study. Donno what area to dying for.. teehee... But frankly said I visioning my self on education feild. in environment of course.
My prob now is I don have any case to thesis yet... maybe have to do same discussion and brain storming kot.. hehehe..

Anyway, thanks again bro. :)

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